Urth Caffe

If I could only eat at one restaurant in LA for the rest of my life, what would I choose? Well, this is one easy question for me, without a doubt, my one and only answer will ALWAYS be URTH CAFFE!

I can’t remember when was the first time I heard about Urth, but I clearly remember my first visit, which was back in 2012. My friends and I went to the downtown location and it was just love at first sight. The decor creates a modern, earthy, and hipster vibe, which I absolutely fell in love with. Since then, I continuously brought my family and many of my friends to this nice cozy little cafe countless times. I was willing to drive 50-minute from Irvine to LA just for this when I was still living in SoCal. This is just how good Urth is!

Urth Caffe is best known for their fair trade coffee, made with certified organically grown coffee beans, and beautiful latte art. The beverage menu offers numerous drink options to take hot, cold, iced or blended. On top of that, Urth provides non-fat milk or soy milk options, and plenty more. Urth also serves a variety of high quality organic dishes, including savory meals and desserts, which are just as attractive and mouth-watering as their coffee. The pastries are spot on and the famous Green Tea Tiramisu is something you can’t miss.

I don’t normally drink coffee, but their frothy and hot lattes are so exquisite and I just can’t resist the beautifully crafted latte art. I’ve tried the Green Tea Latte, Spanish Tea Latte, and Classic Earl Grey. All of them are flavorful and you can really taste the aroma of fresh coffee beans. However, the green tea latte tends to be a little bit sweeter than the rest. Another popular drink from Urth is the Green Tea Boba, which comes either on ice or blended. It has a very creamy and strong matcha flavor, the bobas are very chewy. It’s the perfect drink to order on a hot day!

The Pizza Cantona is to die for. It’s probably my favorite pizza in the world! I order it every single time I go. It consists of mozzarella & burrata cheese, italian prosciutto, and arugula. It comes with a side mint leaves, oil, and chili. On the first bite, the cheese and the prosciutto just melt perfectly together in your mouth and arugula adds an extra texture to it. PERFECT HARMONY. I also tried the butternut squash pizza once. But it may not be for everyone since the taste is heavy and quite unique.

Even though it’s a chain, but I have not been disappointed, not even once. This is the go-to place for satisfying and healthy food in LA. The only down side about this place is that it can get crowded sometimes (but so worth the wait). They do have many indoor and outdoor seatings though. The Santa Monica location is my favorite one because it’s only 2, 3 blocks away from the beach and there’s a parking lot right across the street. Urth totally deserves a 5/5! (okay, I do have bias towards Urth). I can’t wait to go again when I’m in LA next time!

Address: 2327 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405 (Multiple locations) Tel: 310 314 7040