Nom Nom

My friends always joke about how my camera eats before I do. Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing to say back because it is the truth, ha ha. Feeding my camera is so important ever since I started Taipei Foodie that the people around me offer their dishes for me to picture before I even have a chance to ask.(thanks guys!)

Nom Nom is a place I first discovered on a lifestyle website. Feeling adventurous as always, I visited Nom Nom with my friend Jessie. Near MRT Dongmen station, the restaurant is known for their brunch set menu and the wide variety of dishes it offers. It took us quite awhile to find the place after making a wrong turn on the way there, but normally it'd only take around 8-10 mins to get to Nom Nom from the station.

I like how Nom Nom has a lot of windows, natural lighting, and there are a lot of greens outside the restaurant. The restaurant vibe feels cozy yet hip.

Oh! There's still one more thing to mention before I start talking about the food, which is the creativeness of Nom Nom's menu. For example, there are a total of 9 different kinds of brunch set, each set has an unique and interesting name such as "Happy Bunny,""Girl Friends,""Mike Wazoeski,""Good Morning To Mimi"...and many more! The same rule applies to other items on the menu too!

I ordered the "A Traveler" brunch set (NT$330). The set has two egg benedict but with different flavors, one comes with smoked salmon and the other comes with bacon. The sauce is their house-made Hollandaise sauce, which I thought tasted like a sweeter version of honey mustard. The dish also comes with some salad on the side (or top?), roasted potatoes, homemade greek yogurt, a small glass of fresh pineapple juice, and some fruits. The side dishes may vary depending on the seasons.

The presentation's absolutely beautiful! My eyes lit up when the plate arrived on my table, thinking that this would look so pretty on camera. I really like the egg benedict, specifically, the smoked salmon one. I'm a huge sucker for smoked salmon, and the combination of poached egg and smoked salmon sounds even more tempting. The poached egg was nicely done, but I do wish there'd be just a little bit more of smoked salmon. The English muffins were very chewy, springy, and flavorful.

My friend ordered the Cepes and Mushrooms Risotto (NT$340). It was good but the taste was completely different from what we expected. We originally thought it's just the typical italian/american style risotto. But! the rice tasted like it was cooked in a slow cooker with taiwanese chicken broth for a long long time. The risotto tasted rather "Asian" than "Western,"

I'd recommend this place to anyone that likes to feed your camera with pretty food and the cozy and laid-back atmosphere makes Nom Nom the perfect spot for an afternoon chit-chat! And hey, there's me taking picture of the door of Nom Nom!

Address: No. 137, Chaozhou St., Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan (台北市大安區潮州街137號) Tel: 02 2358 3530