Coffee Megane 眼鏡咖啡

It's definitely love at first sight! With just the first glance, I immediately fell in love with Coffee Megane, a quaint cafe in the neighborhood of Da An District. It has always been on my list of cafes to visit in Taipei. Now that I've been, I can assure you this is the ideal place to go if you want some quiet me time, you'll most definitely find your inner peace here.

With an unique and distinctive old-town Japanese touch, Coffee Megane gives you an escape from the busy buzz of the Taipei City life. The menu here is simple yet delicate, with decent selection of teas, coffess, 2 onigiri sets (salted salmon or spicy cod roe), and homemade baked goods.

Matcha Milk (NT$180)

I ordered the Spicy Cod Roe Rice Ball set (NT$280) and Sakura Sencha (NT$200) as seen in the very top picture. The rice ball set comes with 2 onigiris, one with cod roe filling and the other one is the onigiri of the day with furikake seasoning sprinkled all over. The side dishes may vary from time to time. But generally there'll be salad, pickles, and broiled/stewed vegetables.

This Maple & Jam Waffle (NT$160) is potentially one of the best I've had! They don't look like your typical waffle made from the waffle iron machine, rather, they look like donuts. The waffles are baked with sesame seeds and nuts. The texture is very crisp on the outside with a moist, airy and fluffy inside. There's also an extra tanginess to it than a regular waffle iron made waffle (feeling like doing a little tongue twister here haha). There was certainly a lot of ohhs and ahhs at the table when my friends and I had our first bite. The whipped cream is drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with some roasted brown rice. The homemade blueberry jam is just bursting with flavor! Yum!

For some reason, I get really excited whenever I see a restaurant with a nice outdoor area. I'm also a total sucker for good decor that uses natural wood, well, Coffee Megane has them both. It is essentially a wooden hut. I absolutely adore every pretty design and thoughtful choice of furnitures/tablewares. From the wooden tables, glass cabinet, to the bookshelf and wooden tablewares, my eyes were definitely busy.

Coffee Megane is where you can unwind yourself. If you are looking for total relaxation, look no further, this is it.

Address: No. 6, Lane 52, Siwei Rd, Da‘an District Taipei, Taiwan (台北市大安區四維路52巷6號) Tel: 02 2708 4686 *Note: They have a special rule that you can only take photos from your table