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Bobby Box Taipei

I’m not sure if anyone out there feels the same way, but whenever I think of comfort food, Korean food is one of the first things that pops into my head.I worked for an advertising agency, an extremely fast-paced work environment, for the past 2 years and sometimes it can get super overwhelming. So, with that being said, having a nice meal with a balanced diet at an affordable price that doesn’t take up too much of my lunchtime is seriously a blessing.

Bobby Box is originally a chain store in Korea that sells Korean casual food from various rice boxes to wraps and snacks in a fast food format. Fortunately, we don’t need to fly all the way to Korea because they’re now open in Taipei, just diagonally across from the Breeze Center on Fuxing South Road!

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you will see the yellow counter on the left, this is where you begin to make your order and you do have to pay first. Once you’re done with that, it’s time to pig out.

For small bites & side dishes, I always get the fried rice cake (炸年糕)! They also have the option of fried rice cake mixed with fried chicken popcorn together. What I love about Bobby Box’s fried rice cake is that they do not taste greasy at all and the texture is perfect, crispy on the outside and chewy/tangy on the inside! They mix the fried rice cake in a special spicy sauce, making it extra flavorful. I also recommend their Bongfry (巴比棒), which is essentially a dough stick with sweet potato mash in it, kind of like a spring roll.​

My must get! Fried rice cake!

I have to admit that the first time I visited Bobby Box when it just opened about half a year ago, the rice in the lunchbox I got was kind of cold and I was a little disappointed. However, I’ve been here 3 more times after and the quality has definitely improved and I always leave here with a happy tummy.