Today I want to tell you guys a little something about the project I did with fellow Instagrammer Calvin from @calvindjc

I met Calvin almost a year ago and we wanted to do a photography x food collaboration, sharing our passion for both with our followers. After several prep meetings (I promise we totally didn't use this as an excuse to pig out), we came up with the concept of Taipeifoodventure.

So, what is #taipeifoodventure?

#taipeifoodventure is an intimate workshop to appreciate food photography in interesting and different ways. Hosted by Instagrammer @calvindjc and @taipeifoodie, #taipeifoodventure focuses on the art of taking great food flatlays and quality conversations. We believe that food has the power to connect people, shape our social interaction, and cultivate creative ideas. We also wanted to invite our Instagram followers to go on taiepifoodventure with us.

The project name "Taipeifoodventure" was created because one of the main purposes of the project is to discover places in Taipei, try different food, and just really explore the city. Basically = food adventures in Taipei!

We have hosted 3 #taipeifoodventure in the past 8 months. However, @calvindjc has recently moved to Indonesia, so, before we come up with our next steps, we've decided to put the project on hold. Don't worry guys, we will be back!

pictures from our previous meet ups below:

#taipeifoodventure 1 "Garden party" with @_liesl_

#taipeifoodventure 2 "Celebration" with @pastfivethirty & @shielyv (thanks for being the hand model!)

#taipeifoodventure 3 "Summer cool-me-down" with @pizzaisthecircleoflife