Drip Cafe 好滴

I am a true believer of the saying “There’s always room for dessert.” Dessert to most girls is probably the most important part of their meal. I mean, who doesn’t like sweet things? Especially when they’re looking pretty too!

With just a few minutes walk from MRT City Hall station, Drip cafe, located near Songshan Cultural Park has now became one of the newest must-go cafes for the young people here in Taipei.

Before coming back to Taiwan from San Francisco, I had no idea about this cafe until my friend asked me to go with her. Even though we went on a weekday, the place was already packed with people at 12pm. After a 1.5 hr wait, we finally got a table. The good thing is you can always walk around the Songshan Cultural Park since it’s right across the street, it helps making the wait a bit more bearable.

We ordered the strawberry cronut and the chicken carbonara with red onion pasta. They were both REALLY good! I’ve never had cronuts before so it was very new to me. What is a cornut? Well, according to wikipedia, it is a croissant-doughnut pastry which gained its popularity first in New York City. The strawberry and the custard mixture are very fresh and not too sweet. The texture of the cronut itself is very unique, one of a kind I’d say! It’s not too flaky yet it still holds the texture you’d get eating a regular croissant!

The only downside of the restaurant is that the tables are too close next to one another so it can get a little bit noisy inside and you can literally hear the other people’s conversations.

Make sure you make reservations ahead of time because the turnover is incredibly slow unless you’re okay with an average of 30mins+ wait. Overall, I give this place a 3.5/5 and I definitely recommend this place for all you dessert lovers!

Address: No.26, Alley 553, Sec. 4, Zhong Xiao North Road, Taipei, Taiwan (台北市信義區忠孝東路四段553巷26號) Tel: 02 2764 8181