Better Late Than Never...2017 Travel/Feature Highlights!

What? It's already been a year since I published my 2016 highlight post? 2017 has definitely gone by way too fast and I sure made a hell lot of memories and milestones this past year. I continually want to make Taipei Foodie progressively better and stay authentic to the content I share. Thank you all for joining me on this crazy ride. And now...onto the fun parts, let's take a quick look on some of my best moments in 2017.




The highlight - Got lunch at Airbnb Singapore office!

First overseas trip in 2017 was Singapore. It's been 5 years since I last visited and it has changed so much! Singapore's got a very well-established cafe culture with the help of social media over the past few years. Almost every cafe I've been has its own aesthetics and don't worry, they don't just look pretty, they actually all serve really delicious food! It is very easy to navigate around in Singapore with subways, cabs, ubers available almost everywhere. I also visited Airbnb Singapore office thanks to my friend Jody who works there! If you work at Airbnb, I must say, you're freaking lucky because the lunch I had at Airbnb was SO good.

Favorite Spots: Luxe Singapore, Grounded by CMCR, Botanist

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The highlight - Bar hopping at its finest!

Hong Kong is truly one of the best cities for nightlife in Asia. I visited twice this past year, the first visit was with a friend and the second visit was with whisky brand The Macallan for their MOP6 launch.The first trip with friend we explored Lan Kwai Fong. LKF is the go-to place for nightlife, it's filled with different bars with unique concepts and nightclubs. It is the ideal place for bar hopping. My friend and I managed to visit some of the best ones including Quinary (must order earl grey martini), 001 (whisky speakeasy), & Mrs.Pound (restaurant & bar disguised as a stamp shop).

Favorite Spots: Happy Paradise, Quinary, Elephant Grounds

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The highlight - Dining at two of the best restaurants in Asia!

I was super fortunate to be invited on a weekend trip to Bangkok by Chef Fatih Tutak of the Dining Room at the House of Sathorn & W Hotel Bangkok. The 128-year-old building House of Sathorn was once the Russia Embassy until 1999. Read about my article on my dining experience with Chef Fatih here. Besides the House of Sathorn, I also visited Gaggan, AKA the BEST restaurant in Asia. You can read about how innovative their dishes are and my thoughts on the restaurant here.

Favorite spots: The COMMONS, Roast, Hands & Heart

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The highlight - cooking lesson with chefs from Locavore (ranked no.22 on Asia's 50 best)

I was invited by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to go on the "Trip of Wonders" with 9 other international influencers from all over the world. We spent a total of 12 days in Indonesia and explored 4 different major cities! It was definitely one of the most memorable trips I've ever had. I've only been to Bali prior to this trip so it was eye-opening to see the other cities and really experience the local culture this time.

I've writtten 3 posts on my trips in Indonesia, links down below!

5 Instaworthy cafes in Bandung 5 Cafes in Bali you can't miss! Cooking with the locals in Makassar

Favorite spots: Cafe Pomegranate, Sea Circus Bali, Two Hands Full

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The highlight - Coffee time with my mom

Annual family trip to Japan, visited one of our favorite cities in Hokkaido— Sapporo! It was mainly family bonding time (not foodie work time ha) so I didn't really do much research on food prior to the trip except asking on Instagram for recommendations. Thanks to my awesome followers, my mom and I managed to check out a few cafes together and definitely got some quality mother-daughter time.

Favorite spots: Baristart Coffee, FaBULOUS, Saturdays Chocolate

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The highlight - Avocado cafe

Spontaneous work trip to Tokyo with my coworkers. Got a free day and decided to go on a cafe hopping adventure on my own. I headed straight to Omotesando hills after a full sashimi breakfast at the Tsukiji fish market. Omotesando hills is probably my favorite area in Tokyo, I always find myself coming back here every time I’m in Tokyo. Visited some new spots such as Cafe Mitsune and revisited old favorites such as the Airstream Garden. However one place stood out the most from this trip and it was Madosh Cafe. If you've been following me for a while, you'd know how much I am obsessed with avocados! I am even thinking about doing an avocado map featuring places that serve avocado toasts or avocado related dishes, what do you all think? Yay or nay? Back to Madosh, it’s an avocado restaurant that serves dishes like avocado bowl with smoked salmon, avocado salad, avocado smoothies, and more! If there’s really a heaven I think this place could be it.

Favorite spots: Bills (order pancakes), Madosh Cafe, Afuri Ramen

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I was fortunate and beyond grateful to be given the opportunities to write for various platforms and to be interviewed by different publications. Here's the list of the work I've done over the past year outside Taipei Foodie.

Momo Life Magazine Interview - My first interview with a Japanese magazine! & no, my 3 years of Japanese lesson in college DID NOT come in handy.

UOB Taipei City Guide - Your ultimate guide to where to stay, eat, and visit in Taipei!

Toronto-based Website Projectme - Wrote five pieces sharing my food adventures in Taipei, San Francisco, and New York! I also shared my photography tips & tricks!

London-based App DOKO - I wrote about MATCHA!!



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Last but not least, I just want to thank you so much for all the support, whether it's been on my Instagram account, Facebook, or this website.You guys are truly amazing and I hope I'll continue to produce better content for you all this coming year! Happy new year!

Ps. I will be releasing my 2017 top 10 restaurants of the year list in one of my next coming posts, stay tuned!!