The Macallan MOP6 Steven Klein Edition Launch Party!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and tuning in to my Instastory, which I hope you have, you probably saw that I attended the Macallan’s Masters of Photography VI Steven Klein edition launch event in both Hong Kong and Taipei over the past two weekends through my Instagram live updates.

The MOP series has been known for its exquisite craftsmanship and its previous collaboration with some of the world’s well-known photography masters such as Mario Testino and Elliott Erwitt. Who knew whisky and photography can make such happy marriage?

For their sixth edition, the Macallan teamed up with Steven Klein, a New York based photographer and filmmaker who has shot big profiles such as Tom Ford, Madonna, and many more. Steven Klein’s work is often depicted as a showcase of the reality but with distinct elements of allure and dark glamour.

This specific MOP6 bottle is inspired by the time past, hence the name “Time Captured.” Time is essentially the fundamental key when it comes to both the making of the Macallan whisky and capturing the perfect shot in photography.

Okay, now that I’ve painted a basic picture of the MOP6 for you, it is time to take you all on a ride through the time capsule and experience the magic of Steven Klein and the Macallan yourselves.

In order to get to the event, we had to travel through the “time tunnel.” We hopped on

the Macallan van with our eyes covered under an eye mask and were escorted to a

secret venue. After about 10 minutes or so, we were dropped off into an unknown,

mysterious pitch-black space and there marked the beginning of the “Time Captured”


Upon arrival, we first entered the antechamber with still, mannequin like models in Thom Browne clothing pieces standing in front of several two-way mirrors. Dim lights constantly and slowly shifted on the models and it felt like the models were paused and frozen in time.

Just a few steps forward, we walked into the “Fountain of Time” strobe light room, where there were several glow-in-dark, fountain-looking installations with water dripping up, yes you read that right, the water was flowing upwards! It was almost like Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton.

Then we finally entered the main room, which was a real life version of Steven Klein’s world of

alchemy and fantasy. As soon as we set foot in the room, we were greeted with drinks and finger snacks.

With whisky glass in my left hand, camera in my right hand, I began to snap around and try to get a good look of each station in the room. There were two bars serving different cocktails and whisky from the Macallan, including the Rare Cask, a smoked ginger Old Fashioned, a Double Cask 12 yo Rusty Nail, and a cherry cocktail which was the perfect glass for the sweet tooth. There was also a photo booth, a DJ station and a main stage with two giant digital clocks counting down.

When the countdown reached to zero, the moment we have been waiting for – the reveal of the Macallan Masters of Photography Steven Klein box set – has finally arrived. A “Time Keeper” popped up on the stage,

"Imagine a world where time stands still. Where senses are heightened and the present moment is slowed, stretched, and distilled."

As the Time Keeper explained, a short film created by the genius Klein himself was played on big screens, and the MOP6 box set slowly raised up on the stage. There are only 1,000 of these MOP6 box sets in the world and each set includes 10 images by Steven Klein with the limited edition Whisky, Klein’s signed print and a range of various serving tools.

The aesthetic of the event was absolutely stunning! It brought together photography, fashion, and whisky all in one setting. It was a night of fun, good vibe and lots of whisky tasting. Every aspect of the event focused on the element of time and circled around the craftsmanship that is put into the making of every Macallan whisky bottle.

The Macallan Masters of Photography series ties in two seemingly different yet highly revered art forms - photography & whisky making – harmoniously. It was such a pleasure to attend both the Hong Kong and Taipei events. Bottoms up!

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