A Typical Day of A Food Blogger

You are probably thinking now, “Wait what? What could a food blogger possibly be doing besides binge eating all day?” Well this statement is only half true. Yes, as a food blogger, there is definitely a lot of eating involved. However, there is actually so much more that goes on behind the scene - from busily routing out all the spots to visit on Google map, to making reservation for the window seats. So here it is, the glamorous or not so glamorous truth of what a typical day of a food blogger is like.

8:30am - Rise and Shine

On weekdays I usually get up at 6:30am to get my morning workout done before going to work, believe me or not, this foodie job is only a side project I do for fun. However, on the weekends, I like to sleep in and wake up a bit later than usual. So somewhere between 8 to 9am, I get up, grab my phone to check my social media accounts, respond to messages/comments, do my morning routine just like everyone else and start my day. I would then hop on my laptop to check my emails while I sip on warm homemade honey lemon water.

Tip: To boost engagement, it is very important for content creators to interact with their followers!

9:30am - Breakfast of Champs

A typical breakfast includes oatmeal and some sort of fruit bowl or homemade baked goods. If I feel like channeling my inner Gordon Ramsey that day, I would make myself a filling avocado toast topped with poached egg and smoked salmon, which is my all time favorite thing to eat. There’s no denying in my love avocados.

Tip: Add white vinegar to the water and stir it in circular motion to create a gentle whirlpool before cracking the egg in your pot. This will help the egg white wrap around the yolk.

10:30am - Work Work Work Work Work

My brain functions best in the morning so I take this time to write, brainstorm for new article ideas, edit my pictures and basically just trying to get some work done before heading out for more food adventures. If I have something to photograph, this is also the time where I set up my photo station and shoot.

Tip: Take your photos somewhere with plenty of natural lighting, and use props to make your photos more fun!

12:30pm - Let the fun begin

I usually start with the first spot on my to-go list around noon. Remember, it’s very important to have friends that are willing to wait for you to take pictures of their food and volunteer to be your hand model. Surround yourself with patient people as they say, or was it good people? Lunch for me is generally a huge bowl of salad, or a nice, fresh chirashi bowl will do too.

Tip: Friendship is the key. Find yourself some good friends!

3pm – Afternoon Pick Me Up

After 3 years of blogging and being a foodie, I’ve somewhat mastered the skill in café hopping. I tend to get in a food coma after lunch so 3pm is usually the time for me to get some coffee, usually a hot latte though I’ve been obsessed with the cold brew trend in Taipei. If I still have room for dessert, wait who am I kidding? There is ALWAYS room for dessert, I’ll usually plan a dessert spot to check out as well.

Tip: Time management and learn how to plan your café route with Google Maps.

6:30pm – Comfort Food Dinner

For some strange reason, I always want to eat Asian food for dinner. From chili sauce shrimp dumplings to a nice bowl of Japanese abura soba, the list goes on. Interesting fact: I always crave Korean food on Sunday nights. I have no idea why but it seems to me that having comfort food is the best way to wrap up the week. Some nights I also like to explore the bar scene in town or do a fun girls night out with my best friends!

Tip: Know what your comfort food is!

11pm – When food coma kicks in

Before going to bed, I would check my social media accounts again and reply to more comments or direct messages. Then I would go on Instagram to check out other foodies’ pages, research on new places, and pick out the top spots I want to visit for the next day. One last thought before I drift off to sleep: What’s for breakfast tomorrow?

Tip: No more screenshots! Save the posts you like on Instagram by clicking the bookmark icon and you can also categorize the posts.

So there you have it – a day in my life!