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A match made in heaven! The Macallan Edition No.3 ft. Roja Dove

Someone once said to me that, a foodie should know that out of the 5 senses, the smell is the most important one, even more important than the taste, simply because “without smell, there is no taste.”

Smell is something that can trigger memories. From just a whiff of apple pie, newspaper, acrylic paint or fresh-out-of-oven seafood paella and you recall the trip you took to Spain, childhood summers spent at your grandma’s home, suddenly you’re immersed in flurry of vivid memories from your past. Believe it or not, our noses do have a way of sniffing out nostalgia.

I received this box of Edition No. 3 tasting set from the Macallan team (THANK YOU!) two weeks ago and I am totally obsessed with its concept of bringing together whisky and perfume. Never shy away from innovating, The Macallan's latest limited edition debut, the aroma-based Edition No. 3, centers around the collaboration between Macallan’s very own whisky distiller Bob Dalgarno and master perfumer Roja Dove.

The Edition Series, which is a range of whiskies that focus on The Macallan’s commitment and expertise to wood, showcases the complexities of single malt character by highlighting the influence each cask had on the taste and flavor of the whisky. To build on that characteristic, for the new Edition No. 3 bottle, Roja Dove emphasizes on the aromas of the whisky to create a more in depth taste.