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Life Is Brewtiful, Sunmai Craft Beer Bar Taipei

The number of microbreweries in Taiwan has been growing at a rate that makes me wonder if I should start a "Keeping Up With Leslie's Beer Belly" Series. Seriously, it's a dilemma when you're constantly spoiled with so many great choices, but also try to stay fit at the same time. Another typical #firstworldproblem.

Among all the breweries, bars, and craft beer hubs in Taipei, Sunmai Bar has been on the horizon and is bringing its A-game to the battlefield. Created by the one of the OGs and biggest craft beer brands Le Ble D'or Group (金色三麥), this new establishment offers an impressive variety of craft beer selection to appeal to any taste - from the classic lagers and ales to more funky and fruity flavors, you name it, they have it.


I called up my friend @tipsygraphy to check out the new Sunmai Bar together 2 weeks ago, we were both pleasantly surprised by the extensive offerings they have in store, not to mention all beers are on tap. We might have gotten a little bit too excited and ordered more than we could have handle (opps).

A lot of places nowadays make "creative beers" but Sunmai's beers do not sacrifice taste for creativity. We've tried a total of four beers: Honey Lager, Fruit Ale, Wheat Beer, and Sunmai Stout.

If you're looking for something that's more unique, opt for the Honey Beer (abv 5%). Unlike most breweries, Sunmai uses longan honey instead of regular honey, which compliments the lager flavor and gives it a slight hint of floral note. Longan honey has an extremely short 28-day harvest time each year, making it even more special in beer brewing. If you love fruit beer, and want something on the sweeter end, go for the Fruit Ale. It also has the least abv (4.5%) of all the beers I've tried. The fruity aroma carried over to the palate while the bitterness subsided. This pink beer is definitely fun, raspberry-y, and one of customer's favorites.