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September Monthly Favorites: podcast, Netflix show, best burger?

Hellooo guys! I am presenting to you my first, hopefully not the last, monthly favorite post! In this series, I will be talking about all the goodies I've been loving this past month. From new restaurants in town to food shows I watch, here are the favorites!


Honestly I haven’t been really eating burgers ever since I moved back to Taiwan. I am aware that there are a ton of burger restaurants out there, and the burger options are endless. I've seen peanut butter burger, I've tried burger with foie gras and truffle sauce, or even ate a knock off In n Out burger over the past 4 years, after all the carbs I've put into my body, I still can't seem to find one place that makes me go "YES THIS IS IT." However, this completely changed in September. The newly opened burger shop Sheep + Pony on Renai road might just be the spot to satisfy your American burger craving, it sure did for me!

I ordered the mini sliders and they came with caramelized onion, house spread, and cheese. The patties are juicy and bursting with flavors, even the taco and sweet potato chips are delicious, this place is the real deal. Sheep & Pony also offers salads and craft beers. Note that it's not a huge store (around 10-12 seats) and they're only open from 3-11pm.


What's better than a simple yet hearty Korean soft tofu soup on a rainy cold day? This new Korean restaurant is bringing authentic Korean food to all the empty stomachs in Taipei. There's a wide array of choices on the menu from their signature tofu soup to rice bowls such as bibimbap (stone pot rice) and bulgogi rice bowl, so there's something to keep everyone happy. This place definitely reminds me of those late night K-town or BCD tofu house runs when I was in SoCal. I was pleasantly surprised by the brightness and cleanliness of the restaurant. I visited this place two days in a row, and that's saying a lot.



Visited Tainan in September and stayed at this modern, boutique style hotel in West Central Distri