September Monthly Favorites: podcast, Netflix show, best burger?

Hellooo guys! I am presenting to you my first, hopefully not the last, monthly favorite post! In this series, I will be talking about all the goodies I've been loving this past month. From new restaurants in town to food shows I watch, here are the favorites!



Honestly I haven’t been really eating burgers ever since I moved back to Taiwan. I am aware that there are a ton of burger restaurants out there, and the burger options are endless. I've seen peanut butter burger, I've tried burger with foie gras and truffle sauce, or even ate a knock off In n Out burger over the past 4 years, after all the carbs I've put into my body, I still can't seem to find one place that makes me go "YES THIS IS IT." However, this completely changed in September. The newly opened burger shop Sheep + Pony on Renai road might just be the spot to satisfy your American burger craving, it sure did for me!

I ordered the mini sliders and they came with caramelized onion, house spread, and cheese. The patties are juicy and bursting with flavors, even the taco and sweet potato chips are delicious, this place is the real deal. Sheep & Pony also offers salads and craft beers. Note that it's not a huge store (around 10-12 seats) and they're only open from 3-11pm.



What's better than a simple yet hearty Korean soft tofu soup on a rainy cold day? This new Korean restaurant is bringing authentic Korean food to all the empty stomachs in Taipei. There's a wide array of choices on the menu from their signature tofu soup to rice bowls such as bibimbap (stone pot rice) and bulgogi rice bowl, so there's something to keep everyone happy. This place definitely reminds me of those late night K-town or BCD tofu house runs when I was in SoCal. I was pleasantly surprised by the brightness and cleanliness of the restaurant. I visited this place two days in a row, and that's saying a lot.




Visited Tainan in September and stayed at this modern, boutique style hotel in West Central District. The hotel actually has 2 types of rooms: the hostel rooms (NT$1500 +10% per night) and regular hotel rooms (NT$6,600~8,500, cheaper deals can be found on 3rd party hotel booking sites). The hostel is basically like dorm style bunk beds and shared bathrooms.

The design of the rooms and common areas are super trendy, every corner is Instagrammable. I stayed at a regular suite with a queen size bed. The room is clean and quite spacious. I judge a hotel based on the water pressure of its shower when I travel, and I must say, U.I.J did a phenomenal job with their plumbing system.

U.I.J is conveniently located to many locals' favorite eateries. There is also a Washida cafe in the lobby, great spot to grab your morning boost of motivation.


View more photos from my trip here


Podcast & SHOW

  • Bon Appetite Foodcast

I LOVE PODCASTS. I try to listen to at least one episode on my iphone's Apple podcast app everyday, usually when I get ready I’ll tune in for about 30-40 minutes. I’ve been loving the Bon Appetite Foodcast, a podcast created by one of the biggest American food and entertaining magazines Bon Appetite.

Recommended recent episodes:

Ep. 179 Jimmy O. Yang Ate His Way Through Singapore

Do you know what's a re-heat value?? Listen to Jimmy O. Yang, the actor who plays Jian-Yang on Silicon Valley and Bernard Tai in Crazy Rich Asians, talks about food and the different food cultures he's experienced growing up.

Ep. 170 The World's 50 Best Restaurants...?

Is there anything wrong with the list? Is it really male and euro-centric? Should we celebrate the list or is there something worth fixing?

Ep. 163 The Current State of Restaurant Criticism

Listen to what it's like to be a restaurant critic in 2018. The landscape is changing, is it a good or bad thing to businesses? Ep. 156 The Shib Sibs Really Love Food

Listen to Olympic bronze medalists Maia and Alex Shibutani talk Olympics, travels, and food!

  • Ugly Delicious

David Chang, the founder and chef of Momofuku restaurants, takes on a new approach in discussing food through a cultural and political perspective in his new Netflix's original series - Ugly Delicious. Chang takes the audience to different parts of the world to explore food and learn about the stories behind food choices.

Each episode focuses on one particular food, such as pizza and fried chicken. These foods are probably not your typical "pretty food" but they sure are delicious. The show is unique because the camera barely lingers much on the food/ingredients or the cooking techniques, but more on how the food cultivates its cultural identity and the meaning of food to its community. For example, the tacos episode is about tacos but it's also more about the borders and immigrant cultural identity. This show is so satisfying, their diverse and flexible approach makes for a fun, entertaining yet thought-provoking viewing experience. I highly recommend this show!

Recommended episodes: Pizza, Home Cooking



This was seriously my BEST purchase in the entire year of 2018. I've been raving about how good this product is to all my friends who also shoot their photos with a camera. I shoot 75% of my photos now with my Fujifilm XT20. Usually when I export photos from camera, I use the camera wifi function + Fujifilm App so I can easily transfer the photos from camera to my phone. However, I started to notice that the transfer speed could go from 3 seconds to 15 seconds per photo depending on how strong the wifi is at the moment. It just didn't make any sense to me to import the photo one by one, especially when I take a lot of photos everyday. With the Apple lightning to SD card camera reader (not sponsored), it has saved up so much time for me. I can literally import 100 photos in a blink of an eye now. Okay, I might have exaggerated a little bit too much, more like 100 photos in 20 seconds, still pretty fast right? *This product is only applicable to iphone users, but I am sure there is something similar out there for Android users!


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