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Taipei Foodie Goes to Tainan: Jiu Zhen Nan Pastry Concept Store

Happy Moon Festival! I hope you all had a great one and filled lots of moon cakes, BBQ, and pomelos! Growing up, each year as Chinese New Year and Moon festival approached, I would look forward to eating the traditional Taiwanese confections with my family, not so much for the taste, but mostly to continue the tradition by getting together and enjoying the delicacies.

One of the many cravings I had during the time when I was living in the States was pineapple cake. When the craving hits, I'll visit the pastry store near my house where it sells traditional Taiwanese pastries. However, nothing could compare to the ones I've had in Taiwan. Pineapple cake was always on the top of my list to bring back when I visited Taiwan because it is something that reminds me of home.


Right before the Moon Festival this year, I visited Tainan and made a stop at the brand new Jiu Zhen Nan Pastry Concept Store (舊振南和餅文化台南概念店) during the trip. First off, Tainan is known as the culinary center of Taiwan, and Jiu Zhen Nan, the pastry store with over 129 years of history, is essentially the staple of Taiwanese pastry scene. The renowned pastry shop continues to promote the traditional Han Bing (Taiwanese pastry/漢餅) culture and aesthetics under the 5th generation management, and they are taking on a new approach with the new establishment by providing a full immersive experience to its customers.


The interior is resolutely a blend of traditional Chinese and modern Western influences – combining the old with the new. Lots of red and gold are used in store. The use of red and gold colors and the bold architecture itself certainly make a grand entrance.