Blue My Mind - Blue Lagoon Iceland

I visited Iceland for the first time with my family during Chinese New Year break. Iceland has been my dream travel destination, and I was so stoked that I finally got to see this beautiful country and experience the incredible offerings from our Mother Nature.

One of the spots we visited in Iceland was the astounding Blue Lagoon, a man-made geothermal spa and one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. If you've met anyone that has gone to Iceland, chances are they've gone to the Blue Lagoon. This is THE place that everyone talks about and every tourist visits. It's not too far from the Keflavik airport, so many would make Blue Lagoon their first stop in Iceland.

Out of all the spots we planned to visit, I was looking forward to Blue Lagoon the most after seeing plenty of amazing pictures online. However, this place is always packed and pretty much booked all throughout the year so we were only able to get the 8pm reservation. It is required to pre-book your spa appointment on their website so make sure you do that before going! I was a little disappointed because obviously it's going to be super dark at night and a lot colder, and most importantly, you can't take cute pictures inside the lagoon and post on Instagram (sorry I'm basic). The only perk of going there at night is that you could possibly catch the northern light if you're lucky. Imagine soaking yourself in the lagoon and right above you is the aurora, WOW.

Luckily, we managed to make a lunch reservation at the Lava Restaurant inside Blue Lagoon, which overlooks the lagoon. The food was quite good at the Lava Restaurant to my surprise, we had a three-course meal and I loved every one of them. The arctic char especially stood out from the rest, it was fresh, tender and perfectly seasoned.

The lagoon is absolutely beautiful with its milky blue water nestled in the dark lava rock and the stunning landscape, I'm glad that I was able to snap a few pictures of it during the day at lunch. But like I said earlier, we were only able to get the 8pm reservation, so now comes the moment you've been waiting for --- the actual Blue Lagoon experience.

They offer three different packages (comfort, premium, luxury) which you would pre-select when you book your appointment online. We went for the premium package (9990 ISK equivalent to 2900 NTD). You will pick up a bracelet at the entrance upfront which allows access to the locker, lagoon and you'll also use it for the swim-up bar inside the lagoon to get beers/smoothies.

Once we went into the locker area, everything was just chaotic. The entire getting ready process goes something like this: change into swimsuit, take a quick shower, go downstairs to the door that leads to the lagoon, hang the towel on the towel rack with 100 other towels that look exactly like yours, open the door hoping it's not too cold, realizing it's freezing outside at the same time, and literally run into the water, oh and try not to slip since the floor is kind of wet while doing all of that. Yep, it was crazy.

The average temperature of the water is 39°C / 102°F all year round, so the water is not hot hot. It felt more like warm bathwater. There is a swim-up bar in the right corner of the water, which I thought was pretty cool. There is also a mask station where they offer algae and silica mask for you to put on.

A few facts about the Blue Lagoon: it is heated by geothermal energy from a nearby power plant, the water is rich with minerals such as silica & algae and it renews itself every 48 hours.

Yeah...I wasn't joking when I said they all look the same

I didn't bring my phone to the lagoon so I asked a family friend to take this picture for me holding my smoothie. Obviously, she doesn't use an iPhone lol sorry for the bad quality.


GIRLS!! Make sure you tie your hair up, because if you get silica on your hair, your hair gets extremely dry. Another thing is I would actually leave my towel inside the locker since it's very likely that someone is just going to grab yours from the rack and you'll end up just grabbing a random towel hoping it hasn't been used already. If you leave yours in the locker, at least you'll be able to have a DRY towel after showering.


Did I get good photos? Yeah.

Did I enjoy it? Not really. I thought it's overrated. People be spilling their beer or drink so the water is probably not that clean, the water itself is highly concentrated in minerals, so your skin, at least mine, would start to get super dry after like 20-30 minutes in the water.

Do I recommend? Meh.. I'd say go if you want to tick it off your list since it is one of the top 25 wonders on earth according to National Geographic, and it's something that you just gotta do even if it's touristy. I still think it's an unique experience. But if you're looking for a more authentic experience, you can probably skip this. I'm sure there are other lagoons out there with less tourists where you can actually enjoy a nice dip.

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